Rentals are skyrocketing!

Will the majority of the Texas residents be able to meet these rental price gouging demands?

I live in a suburban Texas neighborhood, “a prime area”. Close to shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, etc. So it was a little concerned when I kept seeing moving trucks, if not daily, ever other day, of my neighbors moving out. One day while talking to a neighbor, I went from being concerned to shockingly surprised. I was informed that people were moving because the rent was being raised some $300 – $600 per month for everyone.

I understand that everything is getting more expensive, food, gas, every day items and of course rental properties. Just never expected to pay “almost” twice as much for the same small apartment. A $100, maybe $150 hike would have probably been acceptable, but $300 – $600 is utterly cruel. While everything is on the uprise, most of our paychecks are staying the same. If someone is already living paycheck to paycheck, how in the world would they be able afford a ridiculous rental hike?

Talking to the property managers is useless, everyone get the same response: “It’s like that everywhere” or “It’s the people moving from California and New York driving up the prices”. And so on, And so on! Mean while paychecks are staying the same. Leaving people with not choice but to work 2 -3 jobs and/or have 2 – 3 roommates or become homeless.

We really need PEACE to be still…..

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